Quality & Policies


Birmingham Stopper is not just dedicated to quality – it’s our focus. To that end, ours is a fully integrated business system, encompassing our comprehensive quality system, which has approval to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our skilled manufacturing personnel are supported by a quality-orientated team and encouraged to make continuous improvements through our fully established Lean and Human Resources Processes. We believe in creating an environment in which everyone is encouraged to invest in excellence – and we’ve had more than a century as a company to perfect just that kind of culture.

Of course, quality is also dictated by technological capacity. That’s why we ensure we provide full measuring capabilities, including CNC Controlled CMM. In addition, a range of problem-solving techniques are used to aid the improvement of quality and business process:

  • Team and statistical problem-solving techniques (8D, 5WHY etc.)
  • Production Part Approval Process (P.P.A.P) & Advanced Product Quality Planning (A.P.Q.P)

In short, we do all we can, not just to aim for, but to guarantee quality. We believe that approach is best for everyone: for us, our staff and, most importantly, for you – the customer.


A range of best practice policies

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses such as ours today is ensuring sustainable working practices. We take this requirement seriously and have developed a range of policies to ensure our contribution to this key component of modern industrial practice is central to how we do business.

Social Responsibilities

Every business is part of a community. That means it needs to give something back to it: we benefit from those communities, and they in turn should benefit from us. In the same way we have a responsibility to our staff, to ensure their working environment is safe and fair. Our policies in this area are particularly important to us.

QM001 – Quality Policy

Health and Safety Policy

EQ1 – Equal Opportunities

HR1 – Harrasment Policy

Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

ACE1 Anti-bribery, Corruption and Ethics Policy

Environmental Responsibilities

The environment isn’t an abstract thing we live inside: it’s something that affects and is affected by us, with very real consequences. That’s why we’ve developed a range of policies related to the environment that help our business meet regulations in spirit as well as the letter.

UM1 – Utilities Management Policy

Economic Responsibilities

Birmingham Stopper recognises we have a duty to ensure our economic responsibilities are maintained. To this end we will ensure we continue to operate as a responsible corporate citizen, encouraging ethical excellence across all aspects of our business practices.