Metalwork fabrication services

  • Laser cutting up to 25mm thick
  • Turret Presses up to 6mm thick
  • 7-axis press-brakes: up to 3m length & 100 tonnes
  • Fastener insertion machines

Our century of experience and expertise really tells when it comes to fabrications. Whatever your desired structure, we have cut, bent and assembled for many years and in a variety of contexts.


Across every sector and in every material, our metalwork fabrications services provide fantastic results every time. From laser cutting to turret pressing, we can work at the very highest levels of accuracy – up to 25mm and 6mm respectively – and our investment in the latest technologies ensures optimum results.

Meanwhile, our 7-axis press-brakes can air-bend and coin metal sheets into the form you desire. With an electronic data interface, all our machines offer total control to their operators, and the precision accuracy of digital technology makes a great deal possible.

We offer fastener solutions using our Haeger insertion machines.

In short, we’re a one-stop fabrication shop: from your initial design, we will cut, bend and assemble to exacting standards. Contact us today to discuss the process further – we’re here to help.