Welding Machines

A range of Welding machines

  • Robot welders with seven-axis arms
  • MiG welding
  • MiG Pulse welding
  • TiG welding
  • Spot and projection welding to 100 kva

When it comes to welding, we provide MiG, TiG, spot and projection welding – up to 100kva, with nut verification system. Our commitment to innovation is clear in our workshop’s robotic welding facilities. All our welders are coded to BS4872. Welding machines are a vital part of our work.

Robotic welding is rarer than you might think – partly due to high equipment costs, adoption of robotics for welding has been slower to take off than in some other sectors. That makes Birmingham Stopper one of your best UK options if you’re looking to make use of this technology: robotic welding increasing accuracy, repeatability, and through-put. Our team are highly trained in the programming and maintenance of our robots – and we are constantly expanding our range of robotic welding options based on the expertise and experience they continue to develop. Please contact us for more information.