Pallet Feet

Pallet Feet from Birmingham Stopper

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In addition to an extremely wide range of pallet feet options, we also offer a large number of associated furniture. From label holders to hooks and bolts, our product range really does offer a one-stop pallet feet shop: with Birmingham Stopper, your pallets will be fully decked out just as you need them to be.

Our brochure provides a full list of our available products. From a maximum post size of 25 to one of 70, from a weight of 16kg to a weight of 90kg, we provide round, square and oblong options. The humble pallet foot is a passion of ours – we like to get them right, and offer as many different types as we can to our clients.

Pallet feet have innumerable applications. Make sure yours are of the highest quality, whatever their role: use Birmingham Stopper.