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CNC Machining is simply putting the use of computers in the control of machine tools. The process provides us with the capacity for extreme accuracy and speed. Efficient and automated lathes, millers, routers and other tools can be fully computer controlled.

The numerical control of a lathe or other machine tool is made possible by a specially-coded software programme. A wide array of variables are included in this programme, including the exact positioning of the part, the velocity of the machine, and other factors such as feed speed.

Key to the process is the CAD drawing of the desired part. Our specialist CNC machining engineers will then produce a programme capable of providing the machine tool with the information necessary to producing the component. CNC Machining is of particular use for larger batches – because the same part can be manufactured repeatedly by referring again and again to the initial programme.

Even small-batch clients often make use of our CNC machine tools; however, because of the accuracy of the process or the complexity of the part, they wish to produce – numerical control is particularly well suited to the production of complicated three-dimensional objects.

Our engineers and programmers are highly qualified and experienced – meaning your project will go off without a hitch. Why not make use of them today and get in touch?