A range of best practice policies

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses such as ours today is ensuring sustainable working practices. We take this requirement seriously and have developed a range of policies to ensure our contribution to this key component of modern industrial practice is central to how we do business.

Social Responsibilities

Every business is part of a community. That means it needs to give something back to it: we benefit from those communities, and they in turn should benefit from us. In the same way we have a responsibility to our staff, to ensure their working environment is safe and fair. Our policies in this area are particularly important to us.

QM001 – Quality Policy Iss 16

Health and Safety Policy

EQ1 – Equal Opportunities Iss 11

HR1 – Harrasment Policy Iss 11

Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

ACE1 Anti-bribery, Corruption and Ethics Policy 01 06 2018 Iss

Environmental Responsibilities

The environment isn’t an abstract thing we live inside: it’s something that affects and is affected by us, with very real consequences. That’s why we’ve developed a range of policies related to the environment that help our business meet regulations in spirit as well as letter.

QM002 – Environmental-Policy-ISS-16

UM1 – Utilities Management Policy Iss 11

Economic Responsibilities

Birmingham Stopper recognises we have a duty to ensure our economic responsibilities are maintained. To this end we will ensure we continue to operate as a responsible corporate citizen, encouraging ethical excellence across all aspects of our business practices.